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Coach Yourself and Rock Your Life

Create a Roadmap Towards Your Life Goals - in 4 weeks

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All The Tools You Need to Set Your Agenda for Success


Coaching is fun and there's a lot you can do yourself to foster sustainable growth in your career and as a person! This course invites you to first identify your goals and life values and then set up a plan to pursue them in a systematic and focussed manner.

In this 4 weeks journey you will first unearth hidden dreams and beliefs and redefine what "success" means to you. You will then learn how to free up more space and time for the essential matters in your life, before adjusting your agenda for regular reviews and time-outs in order to stay on track. Step by step you will design your roadmap towards more balance and fulfilment and you will finish the course with a clear direction and sense of control.

On your course journey you will discover great coaching techniques and helpful tools that you can apply again and again to monitor progress in your life and career. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone!

This course is ideal for busy career people who love their work but find it hard to maintain a sound balance between a demanding job and their personal life, or who want to learn how to better cope with stress. The course is also an introduction to life coaching and to self-coaching tools that work.

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Course Leader


Business and Life Coach

Intercultural Trainer

Focussed on helping clients to find direction and focus in life and career 

Based in Lucerne, Switzerland

I take a holistic approach to coaching, inviting you to take a time-out to look at your situation from a bird's eye perspective. If you feel something is out of balance in your life, I encourage you to dig deeper inside and to also take your emotional side into account. I help you to become more aware of your own talents and values, advocating small but meaningful adjustments for a more fulfilled and happy life.

Anke Berning

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