Successful At Work -  But Unhappy?   

Life and job coaching for people 40 plus

Are you feeling stuck in life?


You are settled in your job, but...


You live a good life, but something is missing: simply enjoying life, your wellbeing, or your purpose. Beyond spreadsheets and business meetings, there's not enough time for the essential things like friends, family or your creativity. On top of that, you feel crushed by a sense of responsibility...

You've had enough of hustle culture? 


From an early age on, we are trained to climb the professional career ladder.  But what about your own wishes? For the longest time you were ok with putting your ambitions and dreams on hold. But now you have the feeling that life is rushing past you like an express train.

Do you want to make a change?


Do you simply not find the time or energy to calmly listen to your inner voice? Are you unhappily stuck in your comfort zone or in your golden cage? Then maybe now is the time to take a step towards more freedom.

Career is more than a job

Let’s join forces to find out how a fulfilling life can become a reality for you.


Hi, I'm Anke.

I help you fill your career with the joy of life.


For over 30 years, I have worked in international organisations and companies in Europe and Japan, helping many people to broaden their perspectives in a globalised world.

Over the years, I realised that a traditional career with a sole focus on profitable growth does not satisfy everyone.

In Japan, I learnt about a perspective on life where creativity, patience and connection are praised and encouraged.

For over 10 years, I have been coaching men and women 40+ and helping them to adjust their life and careers.

I help people to make sustainable and effective changes without rushing or drastically changing their job.

I am convinced that everybody is entitled to decide on their own what happiness and success mean to them.


How we can work together



Become clear on what success really means to you and adapt your goals accordingly, steering your career in a way that you can thrive.

This is a 1:1 coaching program designed to bring more meaning and purpose to your life.


  • Total 5 hours in 3 sessions
  • Online
  • With onboarding questionnaire and handouts

Goal: provide you with a thorough review of your life and career planning





Is starting your own business the next career step forward?

This program combines a consulting part on how to set up a single owner company with a coaching part to help you establish a sustainable entrepreneur mindset.


  • Total 10 hours in 4 sessions
  • Online
  • With onboarding questionnaires and handouts

Goal: establish your action plan for your first year in business


What Clients Say

The insights that I have gained have improved my understanding of my professional self and helped in setting of further career goals.


Zurich, Switzerland

Barbara R.

Vienna, Austria

The coaching with Anke was eye opening. Suddenly my decisions, my feelings, my experiences, my whole life seemed to form a pattern I could suddenly understand - and start with the necessary changes.


Anke's style and methods are very effective, supporting me to refocus my thoughts and energies for the essential goals of my professional life. Also, it was a lot of fun working with her. I especially appreciate her analytical skills, her precise way of asking and her fantastic sense of humour. 

Alexandra S.

Zurich, Switzerland

Take a deep breath and redefine what success and wealth mean to you personally.


If this is the right time for you, reach out to book a free discovery session to find out more. 

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