being stuck hamster wheel reflection stress Apr 27, 2020

Are you fed up with being stuck in your hamster wheel?

Tired of the stress, the pressure, the rush-rush-rush and the give-me-more?

Do you have the daunting feeling that you are missing out on your life, that you see it passing by as if observing it from a fast moving train?


When was the last time you took a time-out to reflect on your life’s direction? Would you like to take stock of your current situation and refocus on the essential, but you just can’t find the time to do in the middle of your busy life? 

You know that there is a lot of promise, of unrealized potential in you – your creativity, your compassion, your dreams. But you are stuck in the tunnel vision of the hamster wheel – a wheel in which you labor, rush around and burn yourself out. A wheel that is turning quicker and quicker but never reaches a destination. 

The steps of the hamster wheel are manifold and individual. The common denominator is that all people who are treading on it experience 

  • the perception of being controlled from the outside 
  • the frustration of not being able to live up to their full potential 
  • the feeling of having not enough time for the truly important matters in life 

You long for a better quality of life, more autonomy and sense of purpose in your daily routines and at work – here and now, not in some distant future. The recognition that it is a necessity to get out of your rut is easy. But the path to do so is shady, implementation is difficult and hindered by insecurities, old habits and a painful change process. But still, it is worth while to get off your hamster wheel and start to thrive. 


For a new path in life it is often enough to simply fine-tune some elements, revise your attitude or reserve more time slots for yourself. No matter which strategy you pursue –  aim to take conscious control over areas which you can influence: your health, work, finances, relationships, mindsets and your time. 


To get out of your rut, start with an inventory of your life. What is important, what are you proud of, what do you want to look back to with pleasure when you’re old? Are there unlived dreams you want to realize, are there people with whom you want to reconcile?  What stuff can you get rid off, what dead weight can you let go? Now you can assess your options and your strategy. Do you need a complete turnaround in life, a new job, a new country to live in, a new partner? 

The good news is: It is possible to initiate the exit from the hamster wheel strategically. There are many examples of people who managed to lead a life in better tune with their values and their own rhythms. It is not a guarantee for a hassle-free or easy life. But it means that you keep the steering wheel in your own hand and that you can act autonomously – which is one of the most important prerequisites for a fulfilled and thriving life. Don’t remain in a state of regret and stress, don’t resign with the feeling of having missed out on something important. 





Picture credit: Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash



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