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Dec 18, 2020

What the visual design concept of negative space can teach you for your life

This year, I attended a visual branding course with creative director Sandra Chau whose focus is on minimalist aesthetics. In one session Sandra explained the concept of negative space in photography. Negative space (also called white space) is the uncluttered area in a picture around or next to the main subject of a photograph or picture. It is space that does not contain any visual information. Very often it is a white area, or a plain background, for example a simple wall.

This is no blog post about composition. But Sandra‘s explanations resonated with me beyond photography. I strongly feel that the concept of negative space can add value to our everyday lives, by showcasing and framing what should be the focus, and what is truly important. Here are some more thoughts on this.


What is negative space in my life?

Negative space is something that is not there - in a positive way. It is not...

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