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Hi, are you a procrastinator? What do you procrastinate on right now? 

Whatever it is, it probably makes you feel slightly guilty, but hey, you’re going to do it tomorrow, right? Or next week. Or whenever the deadline is. 

I know that feeling. I am a procrastinator, too. I could have done my tax declaration in March, and now it’s July... so guess what I will be doing next weekend, rain or shine!

The tax declaration is one thing. Or handing in that research paper. 

Basically everything that has a deadline - or an angry boss - behind it eventually gets done. But what about those things that don’t come with a deadline? 

Things that we tend to postpone all the time, just because we are so stressed out and postponing them is so easy and seemingly without consequences. Important things such as spending time with our kids, having deep conversations with close friends, bringing the family together, moving to another place...

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