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Jul 30, 2020
This evening, I find myself sitting in a cafe in front of Lucerne‘s concert hall, sipping a glass of wine and looking out onto the lake. It is 8 pm, still warm and it is a lovely, beautiful evening.
To be able to enjoy this is a true achievement for me, something of which I am proud of, because I won a battle against myself. Let me explain.
Earlier this afternoon I had left the office in Zurich in a hurry to catch the train. I suffered through an hour long tram and train journey in the heat - not all trains in Switzerland are air conditioned - and I got off at my usual station where I park my car. Tired, sweaty, exhausted. In expectation of a busy evening, having to finish a recording for my online course, a couple of phone calls and sending out an urgent webinar invititation.
In front of my car, I search for the car keys in my purse. Front pocket, inside compartment, hidden compartment. Nothing. I search through my shopping bag, full of soggy...
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